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Compostable¹ organic coffee capsules - Nespresso®³ compatible and biodegradable

Compostable¹ coffee capsules are versatile and help protect the environment and avoid aluminum. You can enjoy the biodegradable¹ coffee capsules from My Coffee Cup, filled with delicious organic coffee in premium quality, in 20 different flavors. Here you will find everything about the advantages of compostable¹ coffee capsules and why My Coffee Cup capsules give you a tasteful enjoyment experience without a guilty conscience.

My Coffee Cup offers you premium organic coffee in compostable¹ capsules - Nespresso®³ compatible, without any aluminum. Discover our offer:

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Custom Image Badge Peace Project ColombiaPeace Project Colombia
Custom Image Badge Single Origin RwandaSingle Origin Rwanda
Organic Lungo BellissimoOrganic Lungo Bellissimo
Organic Lungo Bellissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic Lungo Caffè CremaOrganic Lungo Caffè Crema
Organic Lungo Caffè Crema Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic espresso fortissimoOrganic espresso fortissimo
Organic espresso fortissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic decafOrganic decaf
Organic decaf Offerfrom €4,40(€8,00/100g)
SaleOrganic Lungo IntensoOrganic Lungo Intenso
Organic Lungo Intenso Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Ristretto ItalianoOrganic Ristretto Italiano
Organic Ristretto Italiano Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè CaramelOrganic Caffè Caramel
Organic Caffè Caramel Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin EthiopiaOrganic Single Origin Ethiopia
Organic Single Origin Ethiopia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè VanillaOrganic Caffè Vanilla
Organic Caffè Vanilla Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin ColombiaOrganic Single Origin Colombia
Organic Single Origin Colombia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Espresso RougeOrganic Espresso Rouge
Organic Espresso Rouge Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Chocolate orangeChocolate orange
Chocolate orange Offer€4,60
Gingerbread Offer€4,60
Vanilla crescentsVanilla crescents
Vanilla crescents Offer€4,60
SaleOrganic My Coffee Cup Grand SelectionOrganic My Coffee Cup Grand Selection
Organic My Coffee Cup Grand Selection Offer€38,50 Regular price€47,90
Cherry blossom coffeeCherry blossom coffee
Cherry blossom coffee Offer€4,30(€8,60/100g)
Lavender coffeeLavender coffee
Lavender coffee Offer€4,30(€8,60/100g)
Vanilla Offer€4,30(€8,60/100g)
Organic AnkoleOrganic Ankole
Organic Ankole Offerfrom €4,79
Chocolate roseChocolate rose
Chocolate rose Offerfrom €4,60
Top-AngebotOrganic 3 Mega Box Bundle
Organic 3 Mega Box Bundle Offer€101,00(€6,12/100g)

Aluminum-free and biodegradable

A real innovation! My Coffee Cup capsules have it all. The compostable¹ capsule consists mostly of bio-based raw materials. The proportion of biogenic carbon is 96%. Our capsule products are made with environmental friendliness in mind. This means our products are perfect for everyday use. You don't have to worry because we care about the impact on the environment.
The capsules, filled with top quality organic coffee and organic tea, are the perfect choice for conscious connoisseurs.

My Coffee Cup - The perfect coffee for a clear conscience!

Coffee capsules made from compostable¹ material are the environmentally friendly alternative to aluminum capsules. We have created a huge advantage by making the natural ingredients we use for the capsules compostable. In addition, My Coffee Cup capsules are 100% free of aluminum. On the one hand, the capsule does not have to be recycled in an environmentally harmful way and no additional aluminum waste is created, and on the other hand, there is no complex refilling process. For us, convenience and enjoyment are equally important - from the cultivation to your home.
Our capsules are real geniuses.

  • biodegradable according to the 8C2012 standard
  • can be used in industrial compost
  • excellent tightness and long durability
  • made from predominantly bio-based raw materials (around 96%)

Sustainable origin, cultivation and harvesting conditions.

Ecologically sustainable agriculture is particularly important to us. Therefore, all My Coffee Cup organic coffees are certified organic according to EU standards. The coffee farmers we select use methods that protect nature in cultivation and production and meet the strict regulations of organic coffee cultivation.

Enjoy the characteristics of a lungo

An excellent lungo should provide enjoyment with these characteristics due to the requirements of the brewing process and the raw materials used:

  • Look forward to a voluminous enjoyment.
  • The aroma of a A typical lungo will seem milder to you than with a strong espresso.
  • The flavor develops despite being less intense because the lungo is prepared with more water.

The lungo is traditionally served in slightly larger cups. You can refine it with milk and sugar according to your individual preferences. Discover lots of tips and wonderful recipes in our Blog.

Your advantages with My Coffee Cup

  • More than 20 different varieties.
  • Choose from different flavors for your espresso and lungo.
    Intensities 4-10
  • Up to 30% cheaper than Nespresso®³ Capsules.
  • 100% compatible with all common Nespresso®³ machines.
  • No minimum order quantity.
    Immediate delivery in 1-3 working days, free of charge for orders over €35.
  • Access to unique special editions.
  • Home and industrially compostable¹ capsules.

Our quality promise

We source our beans from the best growing regions in the world and process them in our own roastery. Maxwell, our coffee sommelier, assesses the quality of the My Coffee Cup coffees. That's why our capsules only contain coffees, teas, herbs and fruits of organically certified quality as well as exclusively natural flavors. We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with high standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. That's why we use climate-neutral certified and garden-compostable capsules without aluminum.

Maxwell Martinelli,
Coffee sommelier at My Coffee Cup