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Dispose of coffee capsules: This is how it works

Dispose of coffee capsules correctly: This is how it works

How do you dispose of coffee capsules correctly and, above all, in an environmentally friendly manner? This question is actually not that easy to answer.
While coffee used to come from a pot in households and in many companies, the trend towards individual portions is becoming increasingly popular. From cellulose pads, plastic or aluminum capsules to the capsule without aluminum and conventional plastic from My Coffee Cup. The range of possibilities for capsule solutions for making coffee is large.

Coffee capsules for the yellow bag or the yellow bin?

From a legal point of view, coffee capsules belong to the so-called beverage system capsules. As such, these do not count as sales or outer packaging subject to system participation and must therefore be disposed of with residual waste. However, more and more manufacturers are taking ecological responsibility and striving to make their coffee capsules recyclable or compostable. It's best to pay attention to the packaging instructions on recycling when purchasing! If there is a corresponding notice, the capsules can participate in the dual system and be disposed of in the yellow bin.

Why dispose of coffee capsules correctly?

Coffee consumption is constantly increasing. This also applies to the mountain of garbage, which in turn creates an enormous environmental impact from production to disposal.
Many manufacturers of aluminum coffee capsules advertise that the capsules can be recycled. However, aluminum capsules are often not disposed of properly, which can lead to environmental damage. Even if it is disposed of correctly, one must remember that harmful substances are produced as a by-product during the production of the light metal.

Garden compostable coffee capsules as an alternative

The My Coffee Cup organic coffee capsule is garden compostable. We therefore offer you a sustainable alternative that helps avoid mountains of waste. So you can enjoy delicious organic coffee and organic tea from the capsule machine without unnecessarily polluting the environment! You can find out more about the capsules here.

Our quality promise

We source our beans from the best growing regions in the world and process them in our own roastery. Maxwell, our coffee sommelier, assesses the quality of the My Coffee Cup coffees. That's why our capsules only contain coffees, teas, herbs and fruits of organically certified quality as well as exclusively natural flavors. We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with high standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. That's why we use climate-neutral certified and garden-compostable capsules without aluminum.

Maxwell Martinelli,
Coffee sommelier at My Coffee Cup