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Reusable coffee capsules for Nespresso®³ in comparison - ecological alternatives

Ecological alternatives for your capsule machine

You want to prepare your coffee quickly and easily? Capsule machines offer a quick way to enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee at the push of a button. The ingredients are put together very easily. You need a capsule machine, some water and a capsule filled with wonderfully smelling coffee. But despite all the simplicity, the ecological idea should not be neglected. What options do you have to treat yourself to a well-deserved break without feeling guilty??

Reusable reusable coffee capsules - a Nespresso®³ alternative?

An alternative was created some time ago by manufacturers of reusable coffee capsules. Environmentally conscious coffee capsule fans associate refillable coffee capsules with several advantages in terms of the zero-waste concept. These refillable cases are available in both plastic and stainless steel. The capsule is repeatedly filled with finely ground coffee and then, depending on the model, closed with a sealing ring between the capsule and the lid.

Try and experiment

This is where the first challenge arises. To get a great taste, the ground coffee should be pressed well into the capsule. With models made of plastic, this can result in the soft capsule being compressed slightly during the process and therefore no longer sliding 100% accurately into the machine. The additional time required to clean up spilled coffee powder should also be taken into account here. In any case, it's worth experimenting with the types of coffee, the degree of grinding, the amount of coffee used and the pressure until you get the desired result. Here you need a lot of patience, skill and, above all, a steady hand.

The practical capsule alternative

The environmentally friendly and at the same time simple capsule from My Coffee Cup uses no aluminum or conventional plastic. The capsule shell consists mostly of bio-based raw materials (link). The proportion of biogenic carbon here is 96%. Without any mess and, above all, with a continuous enjoyment experience, the organic coffee capsule offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative and is also very easy to use. The organic coffee scores with an intense aroma, a particularly tasty crema and uncomplicated handling.

Variety of flavors and varieties

For fans of a variety of tastes, My Coffee Cup's environmentally friendly organic coffee capsules offer another clear advantage. The sealed capsules retain their aroma for months. Users of reusable coffee capsules are sometimes faced with the challenge of having to open several coffee bags at the same time. Over a longer period of time, the coffee aroma may be lost.

Reusable coffee capsules - a conclusion

For the sake of the environment, many coffee lovers are thinking about possible alternatives to aluminum capsules. There are also some alternatives, such as reusable coffee capsules. If you are looking for excellent natural taste, you have come to the right place at My Coffee Cup. Ristretto, Crema or Lungo - you can easily fill your favorite variety into the coffee cup at the push of a button without any spills. By selecting the best ingredients with first-class quality, the foundation is laid for perfect coffee enjoyment without any guilty conscience.

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Organic Lungo BellissimoOrganic Lungo Bellissimo
Organic Lungo Bellissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic Lungo Caffè CremaOrganic Lungo Caffè Crema
Organic Lungo Caffè Crema Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic espresso fortissimoOrganic espresso fortissimo
Organic espresso fortissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic decafOrganic decaf
Organic decaf Offerfrom €4,40(€8,00/100g)
SaleOrganic Lungo IntensoOrganic Lungo Intenso
Organic Lungo Intenso Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Ristretto ItalianoOrganic Ristretto Italiano
Organic Ristretto Italiano Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè CaramelOrganic Caffè Caramel
Organic Caffè Caramel Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin EthiopiaOrganic Single Origin Ethiopia
Organic Single Origin Ethiopia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè VanillaOrganic Caffè Vanilla
Organic Caffè Vanilla Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin ColombiaOrganic Single Origin Colombia
Organic Single Origin Colombia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Espresso RougeOrganic Espresso Rouge
Organic Espresso Rouge Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Chocolate orangeChocolate orange
Chocolate orange Offer€4,60
Vanilla crescentsVanilla crescents
Vanilla crescents Offer€4,60
Gingerbread Offer€4,60
Chocolate roseChocolate rose
Chocolate rose Offerfrom €4,60
SaleOrganic My Coffee Cup Grand SelectionOrganic My Coffee Cup Grand Selection
Organic My Coffee Cup Grand Selection Offer€38,50 Regular price€47,90
Organic AnkoleOrganic Ankole
Organic Ankole Offerfrom €4,79
Custom Image Badge Single Origin RwandaSingle Origin Rwanda
Top-AngebotOrganic 3 Mega Box Bundle
Organic 3 Mega Box Bundle Offer€101,00(€6,12/100g)

Our quality promise

We source our beans from the best growing regions in the world and process them in our own roastery. Maxwell, our coffee sommelier, assesses the quality of the My Coffee Cup coffees. That's why our capsules only contain coffees, teas, herbs and fruits of organically certified quality as well as exclusively natural flavors. We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with high standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. That's why we use climate-neutral certified and garden-compostable capsules without aluminum.

Maxwell Martinelli,
Coffee sommelier at My Coffee Cup