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The premium alternative to Nespresso®³ capsules - with organic coffee

My Coffee Cup offers high-quality organic coffee in compostable¹ capsules for your Nespresso®³ machine, without any aluminum. This means that MY COFFEE CUP has earned its market-leading position in the segment of sustainable coffee capsules for Nespresso®³ machines. Discover with us your advantages through our organic coffee capsules:

  • More than 20 different varieties.
  • Choose from different flavors for your espresso and lungo.
  • Intensities 4 -10.
  • Up to 30% cheaper than Nespresso®³ capsules.
  • 100% compatible with all common Nespresso®³ machines.
  • No minimum order quantity.
  • Immediate delivery in 1-3 working days, free for orders over €35.
  • Access to unique special editions.
  • Home and industrial compostable capsules.

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Organic Lungo BellissimoOrganic Lungo Bellissimo
Organic Lungo Bellissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic Lungo Caffè CremaOrganic Lungo Caffè Crema
Organic Lungo Caffè Crema Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic espresso fortissimoOrganic espresso fortissimo
Organic espresso fortissimo Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
Organic decafOrganic decaf
Organic decaf Offerfrom €4,40(€8,00/100g)
SaleOrganic Lungo IntensoOrganic Lungo Intenso
Organic Lungo Intenso Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Ristretto ItalianoOrganic Ristretto Italiano
Organic Ristretto Italiano Offerfrom €4,10(€7,45/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè CaramelOrganic Caffè Caramel
Organic Caffè Caramel Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin EthiopiaOrganic Single Origin Ethiopia
Organic Single Origin Ethiopia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Caffè VanillaOrganic Caffè Vanilla
Organic Caffè Vanilla Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Organic Single Origin ColombiaOrganic Single Origin Colombia
Organic Single Origin Colombia Offerfrom €4,75(€8,64/100g)
SaleOrganic Espresso RougeOrganic Espresso Rouge
Organic Espresso Rouge Offerfrom €3,74 Regular price€4,40(€6,80/100g)
Custom Image Badge Peace Project ColombiaPeace Project Colombia
Custom Image Badge Single Origin RwandaSingle Origin Rwanda
Top-AngebotOrganic 3 Mega Box Bundle
Organic 3 Mega Box Bundle Offer€101,00(€6,12/100g)

Why an alternative to Nespresso®³ capsules?

By purchasing MY COFFEE CUP organic coffee capsules, you not only get the best organic coffee and organic tea of ​​the highest quality, but also an alternative completely without aluminum. The components of the capsules are mainly made up of renewable raw materials¹. With no minimum order value, you can order your favorite varieties from an extensive range of selected special editions and enjoy them at home or in the office.

Compatibility: Perfect fit without compromise

With the aluminum-free MY COFFEE CUP capsule solution, you will enjoy your coffee machine for a long time. The capsule, made primarily from renewable raw materials¹, can be easily inserted into the device. Both the locking mechanism, the water flow and the piercing after inserting the capsule work with ease. So nothing stands in the way of an excellent coffee experience with fantastic organic enjoyment.

Price comparison: Organic moments of enjoyment don't have to be expensive

Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle doesn't always have to put a strain on your wallet. We at MY COFFEE CUP believe that enjoyment does not come at the expense of nature, the climate or other people. At fair and comparatively affordable prices, we offer

  • the highest organic quality in our products,
  • We reduce waste by avoiding aluminum

We would like to inspire as many people as possible for high-quality, environmentally friendly organic products that are attractively priced.

100% taste

We stand for excellent and, above all, natural taste. When refining coffee, we ensure that the beans are processed using the most modern, aroma-preserving processes. The careful selection of the best organic Arabica and organic Robusta beans is of course a priority. Even with our Decaf you don't have to accept any compromises in terms of taste. With the careful drum roasting and solvent-free decaffeination you get 100% enjoyment.

Variety of varieties for your personal moment of enjoyment

Our coffee sommeliers have invested a lot of time to put together a balanced range of coffee types with a wide range of tastes. With our Espresso Fortissimo you can almost feel the dark chocolate with a hint of caramelized almonds. For fruity connoisseurs, our latest addition Espresso Rouge offers a fiery experience.

Quality and sustainability

Coffee capsules

Our high-quality organic coffee and organic tea in compostable¹ capsules for the Nespresso®³ machine consist predominantly of bio-based raw materials (around 96%) and are biodegradable according to the DIN CERTCO 8C202 standard.

Sustainable origin, cultivation and harvesting conditions.

All organic coffees come from ecologically sustainable agriculture and are certified organic according to EU standards. Our coffee farmers adhere to the strict regulations of organic coffee cultivation during production. There are a variety of methods that do not pollute nature, such as the use of shade trees, organic compost farming and the use of natural pesticides.

Our quality promise

We source our beans from the best growing regions in the world and process them in our own roastery. Maxwell, our coffee sommelier, assesses the quality of the My Coffee Cup coffees. That's why our capsules only contain coffees, teas, herbs and fruits of organically certified quality as well as exclusively natural flavors. We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with high standards of sustainability and environmental compatibility. That's why we use climate-neutral certified and garden-compostable capsules without aluminum.

Maxwell Martinelli,
Coffee sommelier at My Coffee Cup