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We want to bring together something that doesn't fit together at first glance: enjoyment at the touch of a button and sustainability.

Can organic coffee from capsules be sustainable?

Embrace a Greener
Brew: Where Coffee Meets Consciousness

Welcome to a world where your daily coffee ritual dances in harmony
with nature. We are proud to be the pioneers behind the invention
and production of compostable coffee capsules for the garden and home - a testament to our unwavering commitment to both your
coffee experience and the planet we care for call our home.


Innovation with passion

Driven by our love of coffee and a deep-rooted
respect for the environment, we have set out to redefine coffee enjoyment. Our commitment to sustainability has led us to produce
coffee capsules made entirely from natural materials
. With every cup you brew, you drink from the cup of
Innovation in which technology and consciousness are combined.


Certified as “Cleaner Tomorrow”.

But we didn't stop there. Our passion for the
planet drives us to ensure that our capsules are not only compostable in the
garden and home, but are also certified for industrial
composting. We are proud that every capsule
you use leaves no trace, but returns to the earth from which
it came, leaving nothing behind but food.


No shortcuts, no compromises

Our commitment is unwavering - we take no shortcuts
and make no compromises when it comes to the environment. Because we believe
that you can enjoy coffee without a guilty conscience and without harming
the planet. With every sip, you not only enjoy the rich flavors; You
are joining a movement that is committed to preserving the beauty
of our world for future generations.


Join us in enjoyment and

At the heart of our invention is the shared love of coffee
and reverence for our planet. Your brew, your taste and your
effect are important. Together, let's raise our cups to a greener,
tastier future where coffee and consciousness coexist in perfect
harmony. Welcome to a world where every sip is a
step towards a better future.

Brew, sip, love, repeat – My Coffee Cup

The greenest capsule on the market

  • Second generation organic capsule
  • highest quality standard
  • even faster composting
  • made exclusively from natural raw materials
  • climate neutral
  • without aluminum & conventional plastic
  • lasts for at least 18 months
  • optimized for all common Nespresso®³ machines

Facts about us


Organic farming

All of our organic coffees come from ecologically sustainable agriculture and are certified organic according to EU standards. The producers of our organic coffees primarily rely on healthy soils and an intact ecosystem. Only natural plant protection products and fertilizers are used

Fact 2

Gentle drum roasting

To ensure an excellent natural taste, we use the most modern aroma-preserving processes in coffee refinement - from the careful selection of organic Arabica and organic Robusta beans by our experienced coffee sommeliers to careful drum roasting.

Fact 3


By grinding the coffee with high precision over three stages, we enable ideal, even extraction of all flavors and aromas during preparation.

Fact 4

Filling into environmentally friendly capsules

Our capsules are real geniuses. The “NEXT Generation Biocapsule” replaces all conventional, PLA-based biocapsules.

Our capsules are certified according to both DIN13432 for industrial compost and DIN 9P0071 for home and garden compost.

They are available in 13 colors plus neutral to better distinguish the varieties.

Fact 5

Climate neutral from the cultivation to you

We produce with green electricity and use the waste heat from our machines to generate hot water.
We offset climate emissions that we cannot (yet) avoid through ClimatePartner by supporting certified climate protection projects. This is how we make our products climate-neutral from cultivation to delivery to you and disposal. You can find further information about the projects in our ClimatelD tracking.

Fact 6

100% enjoyment with a clear conscience

At the touch of a button, every capsule becomes an enjoyable taste experience at home. From elegant and complex to strong, full-bodied, our creations offer the entire diversity of the coffee world.

Fact 7

Disposal in household waste

We recommend that you dispose of the used capsules in the garden compost or mobile composter.

If these disposal methods are not possible for you, the
used capsules can also be safely disposed of with household waste. Since the capsules are made from renewable raw materials, they do not cause any additional climate emissions even when used thermally.

Fact 8

Thermal recycling

The most sensible recycling routes are garden compost and mobile composters at home. If these waste disposal routes are not available, the capsules can be disposed of with household waste. During thermal recycling, i.e. combustion, only the proportion of CO2 that the renewable raw materials in the capsules have bound during their growth phase is emitted. In a bio-heating plant, the capsules can also make a contribution to converting steam into energy and heat.