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Willkommen im neuen Shop: Gleicher Geschmack, frisches Design!

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Enjoy the future: organic coffee, sustainable capsules

Sustainably produced

No half measures. Neither for coffee nor for the planet.


Our coffee is easy to prepare and always tastes the way you like it - delicious.

Garden compostable capsules

We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with environmental sustainability.

Step 1:

Choose your favorite compostable capsule variety from MY COFFEE CUP.

Step 2:

Start your machine & enjoy environmentally friendly coffee with Nespresso®3 compatible MY COFFEE CUP capsules without aluminum.

Step 3:

Pure enjoyment as the seductive scent of MY COFFEE CUP coffee fills the air.

Do you already know our Single Origin Colombia?

The coffee country of Colombia has a special place at My Coffee Cup. Due to the year-round harvest times, the different microclimates and the impressive bean quality, Colombia is always presented as a single origin offer.

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Arabica and Robusta in comparison: Which variety wins the race?

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Natural oder Washed Kaffee - Die Aufbereitungsart

Natural or washed coffee - the type of preparation

For many coffee drinkers, the terms natural or washed coffee are still foreign words. Although the method of preparation has a big influence on the aroma and ...

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