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Single Origin Colombia (beans)


Project Peace and The Women's Coffee Extension

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Purchasing this coffee supports farmers in Colombia who were recently liberated from the occupation of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). They and their families were able to return to the area and grow coffee again.

They now grow traditional types of coffee, although many of them have also switched to organic farming.

Help and try ours Single Origin Colombia Peace Project.

Our Single Origin Colombia is available in both capsules and whole bean, so not only capsule machine users can participate in the project and enjoy the unique taste.*

Single Origin Colombia (beans)
Single Origin Colombia (beans) Offer€29,30

Sustainably produced

No half measures. Neither for coffee nor for the planet.

Quick preparation

Our coffee is easy to prepare and always tastes the way you like it - delicious.

Garden Compostable Capsules

We combine high-quality organic enjoyment with environmental sustainability.

The Peace Project is led by German-born Carl Kramer, who brings a sustainable and social mission to coffee exports.

The view of the Planadas region in Colombia. The mountainous climate creates a fruity flavor profile from the beans.

Fast & CO₂-neutral shipping

It's not just the quick delivery of our quality products to your home that is important to us, but also the associated emissions. That's why we rely on sustainable delivery options for our shipping and work with partners who deliver CO₂-neutrally and bring your order to your door within a few days.


Our focus is on sustainability. It is therefore just as important to us that our products are packaged sustainably. We use boxes made from recycled material that do not require any unnecessary outer packaging and are only printed on the outside with food law-compliant colors. This is how we all keep our carbon footprint low and do good for the environment.


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